Manchester United move the new kiss of death?

Not many football clubs have the privilege of being mentioned as a “dream move”. It is a list that usually only includes names such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and another lucky club or two. Once the dream of all dream moves, Manchester United may slowly be losing that tag, not only through their on field feebleness, but through an increasingly nasty transfer track record. Now on their third manager since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the 2012-13 season, the time for excuses is over.

Whoever replaces Arsene Wenger needs time, not money

The legion of #Wengerout supporters hardly need an excuse to produce the pitchforks as it is, but with the Arsenal Manager coming off contract at the end of the season, the sharpening of scythes has begun. But as much as seeing Arsene Wenger step out the door at the Emirates Stadium would quench the thirst of blood of many Gunners fans, it may be that it comes a few years too late if it indeed happens at the end of this season.
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