Denis Shapovalov: Big-hitting young Canadian already dominating

After turning professional last year, Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov enjoyed a breakout season on the ATP Tour in 2017, rising into the top 50 late in the piece off the back of several strong results. A decorated junior with both a singles and doubles Grand Slam to his name, fans will expect big things next year. That being said, at just 18 years of age, fitness and schedule management will be key to avoiding burnout and a sophomore slump in 2018. So impressive was the young Canadian, the i

Gavrilova and Barty: Are they refuelling the fire of Australian women’s tennis?

This time three years ago, it’s easy to envision Daria Gavrilova and Ashleigh Barty as not where they are today, as the top two in women’s tennis in Australia. This time three years ago, neither Daria Gavrilova nor Ashleigh Barty looked like they would become the #1 and #2 respectively for Australia. Indeed, in October 2014, the 18-year-old Barty committed herself to a break from tennis, deciding to take up an offer with the Brisbane Heat in the inaugural year of Australian women’s twenty20 cri

Nick Kyrgios: A refreshing, authentic throwback to a bygone era

Published recently on Australian athlete publishing platform PlayersVoice is an autobiographical article that should be read by all tennis fans. It is by Aussie world number 20 Nick Kyrgios, otherwise known as one of the most talented and enigmatic tennis players on Tour. It is a rare window into the soul of a man who openly admits to the hatred of a public life. In his own words; “I am a very private person. I don’t like people knowing things about me and being all up in my business. I naturall

US Open: five players who need a good tournament

The US Open is rapidly approaching, and almost as quickly the top men’s seeds are pulling out. There is plenty of intrigue to be found on the women’s side also, with one of the most open fixtures we’ve seen in years. Plenty of opportunities are available for those wishing to make them. Here are five players who could benefit massively from a deep run at the US this year. Despite ascending to world number 1 late last year, Andy Murray’s 2017 season has not gone to plan. The Briton has won just o

A champion gets up when they can’t: A Federer, Nadal and Williams story

How many tennis fans would have pictured this year to play out like it has thus far? Just one lone Grand Slam shared between Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka, Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber. Indeed, none of those names have even won a Masters 1000 or Premier Mandatory tournament this year. Andy Murray, entering his first year as ATP world number 1, has disappointed massively. He would likely have lost his mantle already if not for the mental and physical struggles of Novak Djokov

The 2008 Australian Open final: the making of one man and breaking of another?

Almost 10 years on, RealSport's Myles Stedman wonders if there was more to the 2008 Australian Open Final than we remember. After all the excitement that was the Championships, allow me to cast your minds back, to almost 10 years ago – all the way back to the 2008 Australian Open. Perhaps you don’t think about this specific tournament much. But it was the first of Novak Djokovic’s 12 Grand Slam triumphs. For Djokovic, it was a relatively scary foreshadowing of the kind of career he’d carve out.

Novak Djokovic and the 'Career Grand Slam' hangover.

For going on 12 months now, tennis coaches, experts, and fans have been attempting to diagnose the problems afflicting former world number 1 Novak Djokovic. This time last year, entering The Championships, Djokovic had established a level of domination over the ATP that had scarcely been seen in history, at least not since 1969 when Rod Laver was hitting balls. No, not even the great Roger Federer had held all four Grand Slam titles at once. But tested with winning his 5th in a row, Djokovic wa

Davis Cup: Why it had to reform to survive

The Davis Cup was starting to lose its relevance, until the ITF stepped in a fortnight ago Reaction to the ITF’s proposed changes to the Davis Cup, which will see singles matches reduced to three sets, was imaginably mixed. Tennis purists were sad to see the epic, five set rubbers go; probably, a part of all tennis fans were. But tennis “progressives” maintain that the changes were necessary, to lure the world’s best players back to the event. To keep the Davis Cup where it belongs – as the p

Which female player will triumph in Paris?

The WTA's depth is on display at French Open in a fascinating race to the finish line. Whilst the men’s side of the 2017 French Open rolls fruitlessly towards a Rafael Nadal vs “some poor soul” final, the women’s side takes on a much more intriguing picture. With six of the world’s top 10 no longer contesting, including world #1 Angelique Kerber and mother-to-be Serena Williams, the door is open once more for an atypical seed to take out the crown in Paris, much like it was last year. Only th

Dissecting Australian tennis' newest partnership

For the first time in two years, Nick Kyrgios has appointed a coach. How will Sebastian Grosjean shape his game? He’s about to become one of the most famous sports coaches in Australia, but he’s not a cricket, rugby or AFL gaffer. He’s not even an Aussie. Frenchman Sebastian Grosjean is about to step into one of the hottest seats in sport down under – as head coach of Australian no.1 tennis player, Nick Kyrgios. Grosjean, the former world no.4, is perhaps best known to Aussies as the artist of
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